I come from a family of writers. Although I studied other things in college, my natural curiosity eventually led me to journalism.  Aside from my ongoing work for The New York Times, I have written for a range of publications including The Washington PostTime, The Wall Street Journal, Bon AppétitWIREDMic, EatingWellEdible San Francisco, and Sunset. Whether it’s biking versus driving to work, or eating lunch at our desks, my interests always come down to why we do the things we do—and how the world around us often subconsciously shapes our habits.

The Washington Post

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Stunned by the findings of a new survey on Americans' perceptions of food and health, I explored some of the potential reasons why food tribes are on the rise. And ohhh did the comments pour in for this one.

The Washington Post

I sent in my DNA to find out my unique nutrition blueprint, and I observed how the diagnosis of my newfound eater identity began to affect my relationship with food. Here’s what happened — and what it could mean for the future of eating in America. 


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Whether it grosses you out or gives you great hope, lab-grown meat is now a thing. When it comes to health, taste, sustainability, and availability, we don't yet have all the answers. But with this piece, at least you'll know some of the right questions to ask.

Edible San Francisco

Illustration by Leigh Wells.

Illustration by Leigh Wells.

Throughout 2017, I authored a four-part series on food and work. My essay in the summer issue, "All Work and No Breakfast: Food as Fuel," was probably my favorite.


As the Super Bowl approached in February 2017, during a most divisive time in the United States, I suggested that chicken wings can bring people together.


In a toast to Mother’s Day, my Time Ideas essay argues that in today’s food culture, the weekend brunch ritual is more important than ever. In fact, brunch can save your soul.

The Wall Street Journal

If there is one thing I learned from the launch of my book, it’s that most everybody wants to know what’s up with gluten. In this op-ed, I cut through the confusion and cut to the chase.

Bon Appétit

My book, Devoured, explores the modern American food landscape, but how is today’s diet most dramatically different compared to a generation ago? That was the question Bon Appétit’s editor posed to me, and this article answers it with “The Defining Dozen.”  



My story, “Stunt Foods,” took the cover of WIRED’s first food issue. It was part of a feature package that was a finalist for a 2014 National Magazine Award. I traced the birth of Taco Bell’s insanely popular Doritos Locos Tacos, and examined why we just can’t get enough.




As a travel writer, I was lucky enough to spend my days sleuthing for the best spots to soak up the American West – from biking in Snoqualmie Valley, WA and backcountry skiing in the Sierras to carless Christmas shopping in Littleton, CO. As a food writer, I played in the Sunset test kitchen, researched topics like the history of farmers’ markets, and, well, ate a lot of food. Across 25+ stories, I shared my discoveries with millions of readers. 


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