• Phi Centre (map)
  • 407 Rue Saint-Pierre
  • Montréal, QC, H2Y 2M3
  • Canada

Understanding the Consumer Food Psyche: The Undiscovered Key to Unforgettable Food Experiences

Weaving together history, food psychology, and insights from the fields of behavioral economics and consumer attitudes, journalist and author Sophie Egan will reveal the values that shape our eating habits, for better and for worse, and the impact it has across international borders. Between Sad Desk Lunch, customized food choices, and eating alone and on the go, when consumers do finally check out from the daily grind, they are in desperate need of experiences that nourish both their bodies and souls. The resulting implications of primarily U.S.-based insights and research reach far beyond American borders, helping to distinguish the elements that are universal to human nature versus unique to American culture. Audience members will leave equipped to distinguish fads (short-term, fleeting, and soon to disappear) from trends (long-term, based on generations of shared values, here to stay), explore topics including commensality and conviviality, hear predictions about the desire for food experiences that are casual and personal, novel and familiar, as well as consumers’ ever-expanding daringness and the idea of the “experiential resume.” Take-aways from her presentation will help position your food tourism platform to offer what consumers are truly looking for in a food experience—now, and in the long run.

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